Our ministry task forces


We want to see the next generation rise up and become world changing Jesus followers.  

Specifically we want to focus on impacting children within the 4/14 Window. The 4/14 Window refers to the demographic group from age four to fourteen years old, which is the most open and receptive to every form of spiritual and developmental input.  71 % of believers make that commitment to become followers of him between the ages of 4-14.  One in four people in the world are 14 years old or younger. Imagine if we maximized reaching into this window and using it to advance God’s kingdom?

In Vineyard we have a saying “Everyone gets to play”.  When we think about the 4/14 window this means our kids get to play as well.  Not just as spectators but actually experiencing encounters with Jesus for themselves.  In the bible there is over 1400 references that tell how God uses children to advance his kingdom. In a sense they got to play.  We need to give our kids ministry opportunities to exercise their God given gifts to reach their God given potential to impact the world around them.  In Matthew 19:14 Jesus says “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them for the kingdom of heaven belongs to them”  Jesus used children as the standard of faith, imagine if we did the same?  

Our task force exists to become a voice for our kids and to support our churches to empower the next generation to be agents of transformation. Our vision is to embrace children as full partners in God’s mission and to make them a top priority.


The missions task force exists to give expression to our movement’s mandate to help reach all nations for Jesus. We want to help Vineyard churches partner nationwide, creating pathways and opportunities for those called to cross-cultural mission.

Our particular emphasis is on ministry that is Vineyard in nature, has church planting as its goal and involves working with national leaders in the country we are going to.

Our specific New Zealand Vineyard focuses are pioneering work in Cambodia and helping the Vineyard movement in the Philippines establish its own leadership structure.

Our individual New Zealand Vineyard churches are also involved in a wide range of other missions activities. 

Forty churches in New Zealand by the year 2020


We believe church planting is the best method of reaching people for Christ, and are committed to planting churches throughout New Zealand. The Church Planting task forces aims to help people who feel called to join us in this task. 

How does a Vineyard church get planted?
We believe and practise local church-based mission. So churches are planted from existing Vineyard churches, not from "head office" or some agency. However, we have shared resources within our Vineyard movement (VCANZ) – training, funding, skilled and experienced personnel, with an overall knowledge of what is happening in nationally and internationally. We see church planting as a partnership, led by a local church.

How do I plant a Vineyard church?

Below we have a booklet that aims to help people who feel called to join us in this task. If after reading this you feel drawn to planting with us, please get in touch with your local Vineyard pastor to discuss your plans in more depth. You can also contact the Church Planting Task Force leader directly at churchplanting@vineyard.org.nz for more details.


The Heartland Churches Task Force exists for all of the churches and leaders who are serving in the heartland cities and towns of New Zealand. 



The Worship Task Torce exists for every local NZ Vineyard worship leader, musician and worship pastor.

We want to see every Vineyard church worship team equipped to serve their churches to the best of their creative abilities and especially want to see leaders trained and deployed to lead in all of the core worship values for the Vineyard: intimacy, accessibility and simplicity. 

The task force has three ways of equipping worship in NZ: resources, training and writing: 

  • We will be releasing all kinds of resources here on our task force resource page and training events coming up this year for training worship leaders.
  • Check the events page to see if there is an event coming up.
  • We're releasing new music for your church at vineyard.org.nz/music:

To stay in touch with all that we are doing you can join our task force Facebook group


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