My DREAM: 40/20

After my birthday this year, I was talking with the Lord about the next phase of my life. I was asking Him what He was doing with us and how we could join Him in what He’s doing with us as a tribe. Then I heard this whisper come in to my mind: “Ask me for 40 by 20”.
— Lloyd Rankin

40 Vineyard churches in New Zealand by the year 2020. Right now Vineyard Churches Aotearoa New Zealand have 19 churches and campuses. If every one of them were able to plant just one more church in the next several years we could grow to 36. That's a big ask, when a lot of our churches haven’t planted at all, or haven’t for the past few years. Then we are trusting the hand of God in raising up or sending us people to plant the other 4 churches.

We're asking our churches to work towards reproducing themselves at least once. Some of our stronger churches will reproduce more than once, and some of our weaker churches may struggle to do one, but may partner with another smaller church to plant. We want to intentionally plant all sorts of churches: house-churches, small churches, middle size and large churches, through to mega-churches.

Our Church Planting Task Force is currently training and developing planters who will plant new churches all over New Zealand. There are already several new church plant initiatives starting as a result of our Church Development Training Track we have initiated over the last two years, and we are excited to see what the future brings as we continue to identify, train, equip and send church planters into the mission of making more disciples here in New Zealand.