1. Read Lloyd's Leadership Letters

After reading Lloyd's letters, reflect back:

  • Something Lloyd says that you recognise from your own leadership experience
  • Something Lloyd says that you’ve never thought about before, but that you will find helpful in your leadership in future
  • Something you’d like to pass on to other leaders

Post your comments below (and don’t forget to comment on other people’s posts as well) by August 18.


2. Read Next Generation Leader

Choose one of Andy Stanley’s five Cs that you feel strong in and comment on it; and one of his five Cs that you feel weak in and comment on that. Let’s make it 200 words on each. Send these directly to Vic at vt@vineyard.org.nz by the September 22.

Emerge writing T2

My Story


By now you know a bit about the Vineyard worldwide, in New Zealand and locally.

But where do you fit in to all this? How did you get to your Vineyard church? What do you love about it? What challenges you? Why is this Vineyard the right place for you to be growing as a leader right now?

This is a story to share, so jot down your thoughts and also comment (graciously) on at least 2 other people’s reflections.

Deadline Friday, July 7.