Forty churches in New Zealand by the year 2020


We believe church planting is the best method of reaching people for Christ, and are committed to planting churches throughout New Zealand. The Church Planting task forces aims to help people who feel called to join us in this task. 

How does a Vineyard church get planted?
We believe and practise local church-based mission. So churches are planted from existing Vineyard churches, not from "head office" or some agency. However, we have shared resources within our Vineyard movement (VCANZ) – training, funding, skilled and experienced personnel, with an overall knowledge of what is happening in nationally and internationally. We see church planting as a partnership, led by a local church.

How do I plant a Vineyard church?

Below we have a booklet that aims to help people who feel called to join us in this task. If after reading this you feel drawn to planting with us, please get in touch with your local Vineyard pastor to discuss your plans in more depth. You can also contact the Church Planting Task Force leader directly at for more details.